Introducing... Pharaoh's Gold! The NEWEST Exit Games KC Room!

We are excited to announce that our NEWEST room - PHARAOH'S GOLD - will be available for bookings starting Friday, November 27th. Space will be limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so reserve a room while you can!

PHARAOH'S GOLD: You are following in the footsteps of Dr. William Raymond, famed Egyptian archaeologist. However, while following a lead to one of the lost tombs of the Pharaohs, Dr. Raymond mysteriously disappeared. Desperate to uncover the truth of his disappearance, you go to his last known coordinates and trace the steps to the same lost tomb. Once inside, you discover why no one has lived to tell of the tomb's deadly secrets - everyone who enters has only sixty minutes to uncover the mysteries within before the curse of the Pharaohs takes hold... forever. Can you solve the clues and become the first to escape with... PHARAOH'S GOLD??

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