Exit Games KC | New Room GRAND OPENING - The Exam

We are happy to announce that Exit Games KC has opened its second escape room - The Exam. This room is unlike any other and is a true test of skill and of wit. It is quite possible that The Exam will be the first you want to take... but we are certain it will be the most fun and exciting! Team up with your friends, your family, your coworkers, or anyone who is willing to take on this ultimate test - Can you pass The Exam?

We have had several groups come experience The Exam this weekend for our first Grand Opening event. We even have had the record set for fastest time to escape the room - 30:10. Do you think you can beat it? Come and take the Exam and you will find out!

Bookings are available now through http://www.exitgameskc.com - spaces are limited so make your reservation now! Find us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know about your experience with Exit Games KC! We would love to hear about what you thought and how you did.

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