Grand Opening Day 2 - January 2nd | Exit Games KC - An Escape Room Experience

Exit Games KC wants to once again thank all of today's participants for coming out and experiencing our Betrayal room. It looked like all the groups had a really great time and we hope so! We will have two more rooms coming available, the first of which will be open within the next few weeks.. Subscribe to us for email updates regarding new rooms and special promotions!

The first group of the 2nd day of our Grand Opening really made use of their time! They worked together really well! Thank you, guys!

Our second group of the day - This group has been all over the country trying out escape rooms and they really put this room to the test! Definitely one of the best coordinated groups we have seen thus far - thank you so much for coming!

Our third group of the day - ladies and gentlemen, your new record holders! This amazing group showed us what teamwork and dividing and conquering is all about. What amazing energy and fun this group had - they looked like they were having a BLAST and just happened to set a record in the meantime. Great work, guys!

Our fourth group of the day - they took time to check all the nooks and crannies, and it almost worked! They did a really awesome job - great work!

Our fifth group of the day - what a fun group! They worked their way through the room and, even more, worked as a team. Thank you so much for coming out!

Our sixth group of the day - they were awesome! This was one of the most fun and energetic groups of the day - they broke out and did it with flair! What an amazing job, guys!

Our last group of the day! They were so much fun and made a really incredible display of teamwork and problem-solving. One of the fastest groups to break out thus far, and they were able to do it while having an absolute blast! Thank you, guys!

Wow - what an awesome day! We had our record setting group, our largest group, and so many other fun groups come out today, which made it one we will remember. Thank you to everyone who made this day such a huge success! We hope everyone had a great time. Be sure to come back and try out our new rooms when they open..

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