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Exit Games in Kansas City

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Time?

Every room has a 60-minute time limit. Use your time wisely and work with the group to make sure you get out in time! If you are stuck, feel free to ask for help, or continue to look around for more clues.

Who can Participate?

The game is designed for ages 14 and up. However, anyone under 14 can play with adult supervision. We encourage groups of 4-8 for the best escape experience!

Where do I start?

Clues are laid out in front of you and the rest of your group, so there is no bad place to start! Check furniture, drawers, and shelves for the clues to help your group escape in time.

Is The Game scary?

The game is set up to be challenging and may be nerve-wracking, but it is not a horror game. The biggest scare is the chance of not escaping the room!

Do Not Use/Open

There will be some objects or doors in the room that may not be used. A staff member will go over this at the start of every session and each item will be marked with a warning and special symbol.

What if I'm Stuck?

You and the group are given three free clues, and we will provide guidance as needed. There is no limit to hints, so ask if you need help. However, there is a time penalty for extra clues, so use discretion and check with the group before asking.

Bathroom BreakS

All of the rooms have an exit button that will allow entrance and  exit to the room. You do not have to wait if something comes up, and you will not be penalized for leaving. Likewise, using the exit button does not count as completing the room

Break or Destroy

There are no clues or puzzles that require the destruction of property, so if something is not easily opened or moved, do not attempt to force it. If you are unsure, just ask us!

Info Screen

We will communicate information, clues, and hints through the help screen, so make sure to check for updates. The screen will also display the time remaining to break out.